I play golf with ONLY 1 CLUB!
THE END.....thank you!
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Thanks to your video, I can now spend a new hobby with my brother
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Travino always said "It's the Indian, not the arrows"
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New to Golf, New clubs, great videos, thank you
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Adam Funderburg 8 timmar sedan
That 3 wood on 16 was so clean. Great vid Rick, these are my favorite!
Steve Tilk
Steve Tilk 8 timmar sedan
I play blades because when I bought my clubs in 1988, blades dominated the marketplace. I have Hogan Apex redlines and I love them. I’d probably shoot lower scores with modern cavity back clubs but I’m happy with my clubs. At the end of the day, it’s not the arrow, it’s the Indian.
Casey LaJoie
Casey LaJoie 8 timmar sedan
Great round of golf, Rick! If you need a little more help with putting, check out this video: svfrom.info/history/video/XdaFgHndt9akiNQ
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Putting killed ya... nice video
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Joshua Sawyer 8 timmar sedan
I just looked up this driver on amazon and they have screen shots of this video in the advert. I have always wondered if that is allowed whether or not, for you in this instance, is aware they are using it.
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You need a new putter mate. 🤣🤣🤣
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70도 웨지 홍보ㅎㅎ 그냥 쉽게 56.58.60도 들고선 오픈스텐스스고 에이밍 오른쪽잘 맞추고 채열어서친다. 그냥 갖다버리고70도웨지로 그냥 똑같이 스퀘어스탠스에 그냥 에임대로 그냥 친다.
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Paul sounds like he has a voice distortion filter on
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Where r ur wedges
Cool story bruh
Cool story bruh 9 timmar sedan
Ah yes, the thinned lob wedge through the back of the green, a shot i know very well.
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He should start using that putter in the qualifiers. Also I bet he learned a lot about course management using that half set that he could take to tournament level
john maddox
john maddox 9 timmar sedan
Rick we in Staffordshire who have played this course no matter what your handicap have all bit the dust and felt destroyed, you just made me feel better, good vid and heart goes out to you
Scott Mackey
Scott Mackey 9 timmar sedan
I’m just impressed that you were able to film this round in under 20 minutes! Time for a new putter Rick!
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Rick has issues with speed control!
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I have a top flite driver I brought online from Tesco's. It was half price at £50 the shalf is pretty decent has pride grip. compared to my sports direct driver its top of the range
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One swing at a time.
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My dad was a scratch golfer when I was growing up and into my middle age. I never got below a 10 handicap no matter how much I practiced or how many lessons I took. One time he beat me using only his 7 iron. He always used to say to me, "It ain't the equipment son."
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Rick, you have to review the Ray Cook sr500. Is it as good as as the Taylormade spider for $59. I just put my Scotty Cameron Newport tei on the shelf.
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Hi Rick, I really enjoy your videos. Did you pick a winner for the driver yet?
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His shots from the fairway were amazing but his putting skills even blow those away. Super talented.
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Bro i had the most devastating slice of all time for years. Like unplayably bad. Watched some rick videos and shot 90 yesterday. Epic !
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i still have a oddesy 2 ball putter
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Calling the cameraman an idiot at 9:52 was not cool! :)
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Definitely improved my putting. You can get a marker jig and coloured pens for a fiver on ebay so you can use any ball with it.
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Wow I never realised how much a caddy is involved in the game. Fantastic video man really opened my eyes.
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This video makes a mockery of the leading brands in golf 😅
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I swear I saw this dude on team edge
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E-05 is for LADY =))
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Rick what electric cart are you using?
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Great! Now go find a 1978 driver and see what you can do with that. I’m sure it will make all of us even more impressed with what Nicklaus, Palmer, and others could do back in the day.
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That guy is a classy golfer.
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Blades are much better for me on the short game, 100 yards in ,chipping etc….I feel the flange is more accommodating than cavity backs which are usually much thicker and can bounce on hard ground…my blades are Mizuno TP 9.
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“They look super smart,4.0 in highschool smart
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My dad got these irons but gave them to me, as he had an injury. I’m 13 and never played golf before. I have 1k clubs, 1 dollar swing.
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two words "approach shots", doesn't matter what club, no where near the pin
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Watching this 4 years a later and being schooled. A great series!
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Eddie: Sorry Other golfers: Its okay, just dont eat me
Jimmy Pockets
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What I’d like to know as a new golfer is. How to stand for different shot types. Where should the ball be when I’m doing a chip shot? Back foot? A drive? Front foot? I don’t know. Also, when do I know it’s the right time to move from range to course.
m8a 13 timmar sedan
Point #3 is hugely important. Why? Because very often the golf course designers don't align the tee box up with where you should be hitting, but rather a few degrees left or right of where you should be aiming. Thus, often the novice don't notice this and end up aiming too far right or left of where they should be aiming. I personally don't find that "closer" target so far out in front of the ball. I look for something about a club-length's away. I feel that helps me better with finding my stance and also shaping shots, when I need to, as when I'm over the ball, I can better see the path my club needs to take. It's right in front of me. :) One last point not made, which I think is also important. You'll notice almost every pro will get up to the tee and take a couple of practice swings, not over the ball, but rather behind the ball. They also usually go back and forth those couple of times, like a pendulum. This swinging loosely back and forth in a pendulum motion has a couple of advantages. 1. it loosens you up a little. If you are tense about hitting the ball off the tee, for whatever reason, make several sweeping practice swings going back and forth. 2. It helps with your rhythm. Taking those smooth practice swings help you make a smoother swing. I'll bet money on it. :)
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Rick, my man, Putting, putting putting! you are ok however you need to work on your putting {as do we all).
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Young people with electric trolleys looks ridiculous
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Great description of the swing. Is it the same swing process for the 3wood? cant get it right since covid lockdown :-(
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As an employee of ups loving the sponsor for Westwood
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James comes across as a genuinely positive, chilled and all-round lovely guy. Perfect attributes for a quality golfer, which means I'm probably doomed. :-) Great vid and can't wait to share with a few mates who are spending ton$ on gear, not so much on instruction! Hehe
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Hi Rick! Would love you to test the iconic Ping BeCu iron set (1-SW) . In my mind the most beautifull set ever 😃
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I'd got my head in my hands for ye with some of them putts.......just like watchin The Ryder Cup. "....the long game has been pretty good...." 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Hey Rick, did you know the 2010 and Worsley Park were designed by the same guy - see any similarities?
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I have that set Slazenger V100 half set isnt actually to bad
Nutella and Breadsticks
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Hit that out the toe and it’s coming back round like a boomerang
Macca70 15 timmar sedan
John might claim to be a bad golfer, but I would have lost this game had Rick been playing the entire round with a putter.
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actually loled at that club house window shot right there, ive been there brother! haha
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It will never go in if you celebrate early!
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Ok..... so me being American...... I hear "130 pound driver" and I'm thinking..... why? LMAO
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Love the videos Rick but would be great to see some more of Guys shots and get an idea of how he faired against you. I do understand time constraints and not wanting the video to be too long though. Great content either way.
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0:15 The moment the ironic build-up turns into astonishment.